Welcome.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  Here are a few details about me;

I’m married to a man I met twenty years ago at university. We live in a leafy part of London with our two testosterone fuelled young son’s; Pip (4) and EB (1). We’re currently in the process of renovating an old Victorian townhouse.  You can read a little bit more about the project in the section ‘Through the Keyhole.’

I’m an optimist and a daydreamer. I like to be busy, I love the hubbub of living in the capital and the pace of London life. I like nothing better than a good cup of tea accompanied by a slice of cake. I love long walks in the countryside (or beside the Thames), roast dinners and Pinot Noir. Autumn is my favourite season. I like wearing fancy hats, taking pictures with my camera, Scandinavian design, well designed notebooks, purple ink, proverbs, family traditions and happy endings.  
I also love to write.  This blog documents my journey through motherhood and the memories I want to remember long after I’ve crossed the forthcoming threshold of 40.


  1. Welcome to the Mummy of 2 boys club! It's fab! xxx

  2. What a lovely blog! I found you via twitter! I am a follower there and here now :)