Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Three Good Things #2

The sunshine continues (aside from one torrential downpour this week) and life feels good. Dare I say it? At just over the half way point, the summer holidays are turning out to be just fine.*  It really does seem to me that good weather can make life feel easier.

The last week has been brimming with many good things; these are my top three:


Where I live.  Summer in the city can be hard work; hot and sticky, with little breeze. Sometimes it feels as though there’s not enough air, that in the heat, the melting pavements and sky high buildings have sucked it all away.  I’m grateful that we live in a green part of London, with wide, open spaces, plenty of play parks, an outdoor splash pool and that we are within a stone's throw of the Thames.  We’ve lived here thirteen years now and finally, I  feel part of a community. I see people I know on the street, I stop and chat. This is now the place I call home - and I love it.


We Are Lucky.  Today I managed to escape for a couple of hours without the children to view the We Are Lucky exhibition at Chris Beetles Fine Photographs in Mayfair.  I have been following the We Are Lucky project for a while now - a modern philanthropy project with a twist.  We Are Lucky came about when one man came into a considerable amount of money and decided to do something good with it.  He decided to pass his good luck on, giving £1000 a day away to complete strangers, the only condition behind the gift, that they had to do something positive with the cash, (and allow him to take a few photos, ask a few questions and build a portfolio of stories.).  The website detailing the stories of individuals who have taken part is fascinating; visiting the exhibition equally so.  I think the story behind this project would make a fabulous script for a film. I spent a very happy morning lost in wonderment this morning in Mayfair.


Living Colour. In the last couple of weeks, Pip has begun to show lots of interest in colouring and drawing.  After a year of undecipherable squiggles in only black or green (“It’s a volcano, Mummy.”) I am now the recipient of multi-coloured pictures and something more than a basic man (a basic Thomas the Tank engine). Finally, his name is being written in legible format (albeit in font size 100). This makes me incredibly happy given that he will shortly be starting school. Even the fact that he is happy to sit still for 20 minutes or so, and focus himself on a drawing activity is a massive step change.  Proof again, that like most other things with Pip, he’ll do it when he’s ready - and not before. 

That’s my three good things for this week.  What would yours be? You can link up with the Three Good Things series at Margot and Barbara.

*obviously I've totally jinxed the remainder of the summer holidays now...


  1. Oh lovely..... I'll bet that exhibition was great - just love the inspiration behind it, love hearing about philanthropic acts like that. Little A drew her very first person this summer - she said it was me! Is that Ravenscourt Park or the one near Turnham Green? X.

    1. It was great - v. thought provoking and interesting. Well done little A drawing her first person. I hope that's on the fridge door. The pic is of the park opp. T.G Tube. x

  2. This is all sounds lovely :) I'm so glad that you're enjoying the summer and things appear to be getting a little easier for you. Isn't it wonderful to see the sunshine? Fingers crossed it lasts as we're off to Brittany tomorrow!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Suzanne. Have a super time in Brittany!

  3. This is such a feel good post. I really do love the way that you write - and your happiness in those things really shines through :)