Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fascinating Facts about Me (Courtesy of the RA Award)

It’s nice to be appreciated.  The lovely Older Mum and Bod for Tea have both recently bestowed the Reader Appreciation Award on me as a thank you for reading and commenting on their blogs.  Both write superbly and their blogs are always an enjoyable read.  Do check them out if you haven’t come across them.  As is customary with these things, one accepts the award graciously, answers a few questions about themselves and then passes the baton onward to some other worthy recipients. 

So, dear readers, here are some hitherto unknown gems about me:

Where do you do most of your writing/ blogging?
I’m a mother; of course it’s in the kitchen.  Most of my posts are written at the kitchen table, with my bottom perched on an IKEA chair. Whatever time of day it is (usually morning when I’ve dropped Pip off at pre-school) I need to have the light on. The kitchen at Faulty Towers is long and dark and the back of it receives very little natural light.  Post renovation it will be an uber modern glass cube, so possibly I might find I have the opposite problem and will be a purchasing an ‘anti - glare’ screen for my laptop.

This is my view from the kitchen table. The previous owners incorporated a dresser into an old chimney breast. I hate this dresser with a passion, the plate rack is useless, so I use it for Pip’s books, in case he needs encouragement staying at the table to eat his tea.  The rest of it, aside from housing some rarely used recipe books, is just a magnet for attracting rubbish 24/7.  However often I tidy it, a) it still looks messy b) it attracts more stuff.  As I say, I can’t wait for my new kitchen.

If I’m not writing in the kitchen, you can sometimes find me indulging myself in a coffee shop like this one.  
Today whilst writing this I have supped a decaf Cappuccino and scoffed a chocolate and vanilla muffin.  I am ashamed to say, I have now completely given in to late pregnancy gluttony.

What is your favourite time of day and why?
Weekday mornings, post 9.15am.  I find getting Pip to pre-school on time a massive effort. Even if we’re up and breakfasted by 8am, we still seem to get to pre-school after the doors have opened.  Something always happens in those last precious ten minutes to delay us; Pip suddenly decides he needs a poo, or MUST take a certain toy with him that we then can’t find, or the traffic is bad.  Mornings are always a rush, rush, rush.  When I return home around 9.30am, I exhale deeply, make myself a cup of tea and take half and hour to relax after the mania of the previous hour. I love my own company and this is the time of day that for half an hour I’ll spend some quiet time reading/ blogging and taking stock of what needs to be done that day.

Have you ever googled yourself and been surprised at what you’ve found?

Thanks largely to my surname, I’m lost in a sea of google obscurity with lots of other people that share my moniker.  Funnily enough, I don’t mind this, in fact I quite like it. My maiden name was more unusual, and I didn’t like the fact people could google stalk find me. I’m a very private person, being one of many makes it easier to hide - if I want to. 

One material possession you could not live without?
My 11 inch MacBook Air.  A present from my husband.  I LOVE it.

What is your dream car?
I’m actually a bit of a petrol head. I love cars. I'm also very lucky, I have owned my dream car.  A BMW Z4 coupe, in metallic black and a real head turner. I called him Rocky, as in Rocket rather than the Sylvester Stallone film.  Sadly when I reached seven months pregnant with Pip, he had to go to make way for a more family friendly vehicle.  I have some very fond motoring memories of my little rocket though; pre-children I definitely fancied myself as a modern day Penelope Pitstop.

Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Jennifer Aniston.  People have commented on the similarity of my hair to hers on numerous occasions, and I guess I am quite ‘girl next door’ like she is.  My dress sense is not dissimilar to hers,  I like her effortlessly casual style, but the way in which she also can scrub up for an awards ceremony without looking overdone.  Plus, I'd like to think any movie about my life would be lighthearted and full of laughs.

Do you have any siblings?
Two younger brothers.  Despite the spats of childhood, we all get along well.  My younger brother is particularly fabulous at helping me out around the house with all the DIY tasks my husband is not so gifted at.   He's also the only person I know that may be slightly more partial to a slice of cake than I am.

What’s your Star Sign?
Aries; the first of the fire signs.  I’m not sure how typical I am of Aries, all in all I’m a pretty laid back kind of person, but that said, when something flares the inner embers within, there’s no stopping me.

Do you have any pets?
No.  Although in a series of recent hormonal pregnancy moments, I have been toying with the idea of giving a home to a Bengal kitten named Dorian Grey. He’s a beautiful chap, spotted grey and with darker grey markings, like a leopard. Currently, I am trying to see sense and not give in.  I grew up in a house with two cats, and much as I love them, I think the cat hair would drive me mad these days, plus, trying to manage a cat and a new baby might just be too much.  What do you think?

Any guilty pleasures?

Cake. Come afternoon; 2.30 - 3pm I just love a nice sit down with a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Pip does too; I’ve created a partner in cake crime.

You can't beat a good Victoria Sponge
My blog - I feel guilty about the amount of time I spend on it, sometimes taking the time out to blog feels very self-indulgent.  Added to this, is also the fact that it’s a secret from family and friends (but, that’s the subject of another *probably lengthly* blog post.)  Anyway, as the lovely Julia at Julia Writes says; writing is cheaper than therapy.  In the madness of being a mum we all need something to keep us sane. This is mine.

And now to show my appreciation for some of my lovely readers. I honestly appreciate each and every person that visits my blog and reads my ramblings, and in that sense, picking individuals out makes me uneasy, as I don’t want anyone to feel unappreciated. So, to all the wonderful readers and commenters that have supported Mummy Plum over the past 15 months, thank you.  If you'd like to pick up the baton and tag someone, please do.

Finally, if you are a regular reader of my blog and have never commented, I'd love it if you said hello,  I do love to know who's reading and it means I can pop over and say hello to you too. x


  1. Great responses to your questions - and I like how you haven't tagged anyone - I wanted to list everyone - and there are probably readers out there like you say, who read your blog, never comment, and you have no idea they are reading. I thought your kitchen looked rather nice, and is that Gale's - we nearly went in there this morning before our house hunting adventure. You drove a BMW - nice - that's a very Aries thing to do you know - they love all things fast - I think most of the presenters on Top Gear are Aries! I have two younger brothers, go on - get that kitten - and eat plenty of cake - thinking of you and fingers crossed over the coming days/week!!!!!! XXX.

    1. I meant Gail's - but it was a rather blustery day today!

    2. Ps. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! You are now a family of four! XXX Well done mummy!

    3. Yes, I love a good cake and cuppa in Gail's. They make decent coffee. Thank you so much for your congrats here and on twitter. We're very happy. x

  2. I am glad it's not just me who has given in to eaten lots of cake (not that I need much excuse)! I was really bad today though and had two Danish pastries in a an hour, oops no wonder I have quite a few new stretch marks on my hips now! I also have two younger brothers-save to say I don't think they will be much use when it comes to helping with the DIY though-sadly my Dad didn't get that gene from his Dad unfortunately! I bet that half hour is bliss in the morning! x

    1. Yes, you wait till your little man attends pre-school every morning. You'll love it! I'm glad I have found another partner in crime re: cake indulgence :0)

  3. I like the details and am increasingly excited for you....

  4. Great post, I love finding out more about people and what they do every day. I love coffee shops too and yours looks particularly special. We're just in the process of convincing my husband that we should get a cat. I know it will drive me mad but little man wants a pet and, all things considered, a cat is probably the most suitable. Your kitchen looks lovely - I imagined a much more tumbledown place from what you've written in the past. :-)

    1. Yes, I think these posts are good for finding out more about people, and as an author they're quite interesting to look back on and put together all the facts about yourself too! Good luck with the cat project. Let me know how you get on! As for the kitchen..they say the camera never lies. But it does. And if I told you there was a colony of silverfish in the bottom of the dresser wouldn't seem quite as nice :0) Thanks for commenting.

  5. More uncanny similarities between us - I've worked in the automotive industry since uni and also have two younger brothers. That and a love of cake means we're practically related ;-) Love these memes. I don't always get round to do all of them but like reading other peoples because you find out so much more about them - fuels my nosiness.

    1. Yes, we do have many uncanny similarities, don't we? That's what's great about blogging. Finded like minded souls who love the same things you do :0)