Wednesday, 26 September 2012


"I want gets nothing", my mother used to say.  A request prefixed with "Please may I have..." was more likely to gain me favour, but still did not guarantee I’d end up with the object of my wanton desires. (The great hulk of plastic that was the Sindy House, for example.  Didn't matter how politely I asked, it was never forthcoming.)

Last week the lovely Anya at Older Single Mum tagged me to reveal my wants.  I’m not talking about my desire for the world to be a place without war, famine or pestilence, no, I’m talking about revealing my own blatant, self centred, selfish wants.  I wondered if I should change the title of this post to ‘Please may I have’; old habits die hard.  I reckoned that the Gods of ‘want’ might smile more favourably on me if I did so, perhaps would even grant one or two of my wishes.  But, a) it just doesn’t have the same impact - Want is a much better title, and b) I’m not sure that subtlety pays.  If you want something, probably best to be hammer it home properly. 

So, deep breaths, here’s what I WANT, WANT, WANT - and if you find shameless consumerism offensive, well, probably best not to read to the end of this post. 

I WANT... Gosh, it does feel weird writing it. My mother’s conditioning is obviously more deep rooted than I thought.

A good night’s sleep

I’m fed up of lying on my left side all night. It makes my ear go numb and my hips and legs ache.  It’s so uncomfortable. I lie awake thinking, only 9 more weeks to go before I can sleep comfortably again.  So, first up, I’d like a night of lying on my back, deep in the land of nod, without fear of squashing anyone or anything. 

A healthy, happy baby (preferably delivered by a stork)

EB’s health and safe delivery is my number one concern right now.  If he could be delivered by a stork that would be even better.  I would love to minimise trauma to my pelvic floor.  I really WANT to not be incontinent in later life.

GBS testing to be a routine part of normal ante-natal care in this country
I’ve written about it here, so I won’t jump on my high horse again, but suffice to say, the situation regarding diagnosis and treatment of pregnant women in this country is not, in my opinion, acceptable.

A renovated house
The Faulty Towers project has been rumbling on for two years now - and we’re still at the planning stage.  The novelty of living with flowery wallpaper, moth eaten carpets and drafty old windows has now worn thin. I’d like to fast forward to next Christmas when hopefully we will all be sitting in our new open-plan kitchen diner, tucking into turkey and trimmings and marvelling at our warm, moth free, tastefully designed home.

OK - think I’ve found my stride with the ‘Want’ list now.  The guilt has gone.

I WANT... 

A house fairy to do my laundry
Washing and ironing the bedsheets and pairing together socks and putting them away are two tasks that are at the top of my 'most hated' list of household chores.  If a small person could appear once a week to miraculously make this feats happen without me lifting a finger it would be magic. 

To delay the signs of aging
Vain, but true.  If I can’t delay them, then a masterclass in how to disguise the dark circles under my eyes would be most welcome. 

For the Home

Mon Amie Mug

I have been hankering after these beauties for a long time. I love the freshness of the blue and white design. The mugs are the perfect size for a good cup of tea and have a thin porcelain lip, which I find makes drinking a cuppa much more enjoyable than from a chunky cup.  I would love the matching side plates to go with them as well. Their lipped rim reminds me of the Denby Gypsy china my Mum had when I was a girl.  Mugs and plates together, and maybe the big serving plate too, and I’ve got the perfect crockery set for afternoon tea.

For the arm

I’ve been searching for a new tote bag for an eternity.  I’ve been very particular about it’s must have features. Handle length and bag depth being especially important. I think the search is finally over, I’ve found it, the perfect bag - you can find me kneeling at the altar of Orla Kiely, praying to her designer godliness. I love the way this bag is plum on one side and navy the other. It makes it very versatile and easy to co-ordinate with a number of outfits.  *Makes mental note to drop massive hint to Husband for Christmas*

And just because....

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Sequinned Jacket: Zadig and Voltaire

So, I’m just about to have a baby, I’ll be breastfeeding every three hours for goodness knows how long, and frankly, I don’t know when, in fact, if I’ll ever have a night out again.  But just in case I do...I’d like one of these.  To wear with some skinny jeans (I’m such an optimist!) and heels.  Just because I have always wanted a sequined jacket.  Swoon.

Wow. Turns out, it’s not so difficult to get into this ‘wanting’ thing after all...

Now it’s your turn to tell me what you really want:

Mum Down South
The Handmade Mum


  1. Now this made me giggle - I love how you got into your 'want'swagger. A good night's sleep - I would still love to have too (no thanks to Younger Dad's snoring). You iron your bed sheets? Why? They never see the light of day and tend to get crumpled after one night's sleep on crisp new sheets anyway! Give yourself a break Mummy Plum :o). I can no longer delay my signs of aging - I'm defo on the middle aged train -flying along at lightening speed. Oh, I love a good bag, and that Orla Kiely sounds scrumptious!X.

    1. The sheets feel so much nicer when they're ironed...

  2. Love this meme and a great list x

  3. Some lovely things there! Absolutely with you on the sleep thing. I'm longing for a lie-in but don't hold out much hope x

  4. Haha great list, can sympathise with the sleeping, I guess it's just getting us ready for little sleep in the first few weeks especially! I have found myself turning into my Mother saying 'I want doesn't get' so had to giggle at that too, Alex still doesn't get it though and still just says "I want"! x

  5. OMG It's awful how we all turn into our mothers, isn't it? I love this list and am so glad you have taken up the invitation to 'Want, want, want.' I love them all. Do you do the pillows between your knees at night? I still do it even though I am no longer pregnant as it prevents the numbness! Am with Older Mum on the bedsheets thing. And you must know Touche Eclat, right? X

    1. Have never tried Touche Eclat, always stick to Boots No7, but perhaps the time has come. Yes, am trying pillows trick, the bed is like a pillow mountain!

  6. A great list of wants! What better place to list what you desire the most than on your blog, and if you can't stamp your feet and shout "I want" here where else can you!?

  7. LOL! Another great post from Mummy Plum :) Loving the sequinned jacket and I'm so in love with bags.....there's one on my WANT list as soon as I get around to partaking in the meme!

  8. Wouldn't a stork be nice! I'm not relishing the idea of another c-section recovery so if you could send the bird round to mine after he's delivered your baby, it would be most appreciated.

    I also love thin porcelain. Apparently, that's how you can tell the good china from the cheaper, mass-produced. You know I love a good cup :-)

  9. I love this list, it starts with important and extremely selfless items, and finishes with a little self indulgent flurry of gorgeous (and completely 'gettable' items!) PS. I completely agree with the tea comment. I only drink tea out of a bone china cup and saucer, picky maybe, but I think it is a gene in the family as my mum and aunty are the same (I could drink coffee from a bucket however!)xxx

  10. Great list! And the sequin jacket - you go girl! Thanks for the tag - I will get thinking and start drafting up a list. It could be a long one.