Thursday, 19 April 2012

#Reasons to be Cheerful

Today I’m joining in with ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ at Mummy from the Heart. I’ve been reading fellow bloggers posts on this for the past couple of weeks now, and have found them uplifting and inspiring.

Here are my reasons to be cheerful for this week:

I had the winning horse on the Grand National at the weekend.  I had been thinking about Neptune, God of the sea, so that was the reason I selected the horse I did. The prize money was a welcome windfall.  I’ve used it to buy some new sparkly shoes; they haven’t come yet, but I’m really looking forward to getting them in the post.  Bye bye heavy winter boots, hello ladylike flats.

We’ve had some great days and evenings out recently courtesy of Christmas / Birthday gifts from friends and family. We had a hilarious night at the theatre last week watching ‘Noises Off’, and we also finally got to attend the ‘wine school day’ I bought my husband for Christmas. It was a fantastic event in some atmospheric 16th cellars in London, followed by a delicious 4 course meal. My husband really enjoyed the day and I was really glad I bought it for him. 

Plans for our house renovation project are gathering pace; a second set of planning applications have been submitted to the council and we should now be able to start work in September.  We will need to move out for 10 months and there are still a lot of decisions that need to be made, which does feel rather daunting, but I’m trying to enjoy planning the renovations and looking for a house to rent, rather than feeling stressed out by it.

Pip did really well at swimming this week and even his teacher commented on how he has improved. Using goggles for underwater swimming really seems to have helped his confidence.  He also finally seems to have got to grips with his colours, which have confused him for ages. Now when he tells me he’s seen a blue’s actually blue!

Today I received a cheque from the liquidators with a dividend for money I lost on the ill fated degree course that collapsed 15 months ago.  The dividend is 10% of the fees that I paid to the college, which still represents a huge financial loss for me, but at one stage, I didn’t think I’d get anything back at all, so looking on the bright side, it’s much better than nothing.

I found some fabulous notebooks at knockdown prices in my favourite discount emporium this week. (TK Maxx if you're interested.) I especially liked this one, with the quote on the front from Benjamin Franklin. 

‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing’.   I think I might make that my blogging ethos.

Head over to Mummy from the Heart to read more fantastic Reasons to be Cheerful. 


  1. What a fab post, and some great reasons to be cheerful. Love that quote! x

  2. New shoes are definitely a reason to be cheerful! Well done on picking the winning horse. Lovely reasons to be cheerful, I hope you find lots come September, too!

  3. Fabulous reasons to be cheerful and congratulations on the Grand National Win. My horse was 1st up until the 28th fence. Well done to Pip with his swimming, can't wait til my little man is big enough to hit the pool with me. xxx

  4. Well done on the winning horse :D I love an excuse to buy sparkly shoes!

  5. Wow - that is such a great week you have had - great to know you won something on the Grand National and that you have some money back from the ill fated course - such a shame that happened and that it caused you such a loss - these courses are very expensive. By the way I love that quote - wise words indeed. Also good to hear things are coming along with Faulty Towers but I can't help imagining that you are living in West Londons equivalent of Hogwarts!

  6. Love that quote, must stick it up near my pc for inspiration!

  7. A lovely post with many reasons to be cheerful. Well done on your win my horse didn't do very well at all! It is lovely when your child suddenly gains confidence in a new skill, it makes you so proud of them.

  8. What a great quote! I might adopt that outlook for my blog as I'm sure I have moaned too often lately! Well done for backing the winner of the National and treating yourself. Definite cheerful reason! x

  9. Ohh your house renovations sound very exciting. Lovley to have you join in. Mich x

  10. Love the Franklin quote - I might have to adopt that as my ethos for life, never mind blogging. Sounds like you have lots of interesting things on the go at the moment, the wine day sounds brilliant. Polly x