Thursday, 12 January 2012

Resolutions - Are you a Hare or a Tortoise?

Edward Bawden - The Hare and the Tortoise

There was a moment earlier in the week when I hung my head in shame. As I sat listening to my enthused, energetic friend and the great achievements she’d made so far against her own resolutions, I reprimanded myself for my own sloth like efforts.  I’d pondered until  the second week of January before making my resolutions, and now made, they hung unfulfilled in the ether, like vacuous little clouds. Later in a more positive state of mind, I reflected again, and the fable of the Hare and the Tortoise came to mind.  And I thought;  OK, I might not have been first out of the traps and be bouncing along like a Duracell Hare; I might be easing myself into my resolutions gently, but the tortoise got there in the end, didn’t he?  Then I felt much better, and now I’ve thought about it, I’ve decided that I'm actually quite happy being a tortoise. (Ah, if only I could really hibernate.)

So, moments of self doubt aside, here’s some highlights of the steps I’ve taken this week to work towards some of my New Year goals.

Focusing on health and wellness
Unfortunately, I have to give myself a big fat fail on the exercise front. I’ve done nothing, unless you count getting the Eva Fraser facial fitness DVD out of the box.  However, I did blow the dust off my vitamins and supplements and have been taking them every day. Continuing with the positives, I'm also giving myself a big fat tick on the Bruxism front. No, I haven't found a miracle cure, but  I have found a new specialist dentist and have also been researching how hypnotherapy could help me.  I’m a little wary of this measure, so at the moment, I’m just taking some time to think about it.  Or, you could say…procrastinating.  Hmmm, how am I doing on that resolution?

Procrastinate less
By my very nature I’m a procrastinator and I don’t think I’ll ever change completely.  Awareness is half the battle though, so this week, after months of deliberating on the subject ‘to tweet or not to tweet’, I thought, 'Oh stuff it, it’s only Twitter' and signed myself up.  If you’d like to follow me (which would be lovely) you can find me @mummy_plum.
I’ve also notched up a gear on the decision making for our forthcoming house renovations. I took myself off to the bathroom shop this week and made some half decisions, which hopefully I can cement before the end of next week. There’s nothing like 25% off in the January sale as an incentive to speed up the decision making process.

One day a week when I don’t wear Jeans
I have to laugh at myself for trying this. Who was I kidding? (Answer: myself).  I’m finding this resolution ridiculously difficult. Maybe it's the limitations of my current wardrobe, but I haven’t succeeded as yet with a jean free day. In my defence, I did try today; I got up and I put on some leggings and a dress and the plan was to wear it with my boots, in a kind of casual/boho way.  Maybe it’s just me, but it felt wrong. I thought; ‘I can’t flounce around the house wearing this. I’ve got stuff to do – I can’t cook, clean etc like this.’  So by 10am I’d taken it off and was back in my mummy uniform of jeans and some layered tops.  I need to think again about how I approach this one. Clearly dresses are not the answer.

I don’t have lots of time to write and I often find myself wishing I had more time. However, I did download a great app for my iphone a little while ago, which I used for the first time this week, I'm hoping it will help me snatch a few writing moments here or there.  It's called  ‘My Writing Spot’. It's great for using when you're out and about and you can then email what you’ve written to yourself or others.  I used it on the train this week and I was quite pleased with how I made use of the travelling time - and with what I wrote too!

So, there you have it, I’m a few tortoise like steps further on than I was a week ago. Hurrah for tortoises, that’s what I say.

I’m linking this post up as part of the Grooving Mums blog hop at Kate on Thin Ice. Each week Kate sets a few challenges for us #groovymums to consider if we want to.  This week there are some probing questions posed on the subjects of body and mind, as well as the topics of blogging and who we can ask to help us more.  You can read the challenges and more about the Grooving Mums blog hop here.


  1. What about leggings and long tunic tops? Comfy enough to clean in but not jeans? x

  2. Lovely to have you back. I think I have had a tortoise week although it is picking up pace today. You make so much sense.
    I am a big fan of hypnotherapy - it moved my life forward leaps and bounds back in the days when I was around 22 (long time ago now)
    Your writing is great so do stick with that.
    I empathise on the jeans front. Due to groovy mums, I have got some lovely dresses and skirts now and in smaller sizes but I feel daft wearing them in the house. Habit is all it is but a powerful one.
    Twitter is wonderful and flexible too. Will find you and follow you.
    Right, better go and do something like find you on Twitter.
    Thanks again - always love reading you.

  3. It sounds to me as if you are making jolly good headway, we are only 13 days into January after all! Slow and stable wins the race. Mich x

  4. Tortoise is best every time! It is the only way for us mummies as we have to continue with our very full 'keeping the kids alive' schedule to boot too! All of these things have to be fitted in around an already full day so any little head way is a big deal!xxx

  5. Yep I'm a tortoise through and through - a much steadier approach. I'm so with you when it comes to the mummy uniform thing - jeans and layered tops for me everyday - so many of my old pre baby clothes are 'archived' in my wardrobe. Love the idea of a writing app. for your phone and that you are moving forwards to easing the bruxism - hypnotherapy could prove very useful.

  6. It's great to be a tortoise! I have to admit to being impetuous and impulsive and when I've got the bit between my teeth there's little to stop me, but I'm a bit of a tortoise in finding things to be impulsive about (if that makes any sort of sense at all!). Love reading about your resolutions. I want to get out of jeans too, but as you say they are so practical when you spend half your day crawling around on the floor for whatever reason. Maybe you should wear your dress and leggings next time you have a few hours to yourself to swan around the west end. Like the sound of the app. I have the purchase of a smart / i phone of some description on my radar for later this year so will look into the app then. I'm a big fan of alternative therapies but have to say hypnotherapy and accupunture did nothing for me. Relexology, much better! Would love to know how hypnotherapy works out for you. Polly x

  7. The tortoise always wins its a great idea to pace yourself as the hare burns its self out and the slow steady approach gets the results.
    Hypnotherapy is great its really good taking time out and focussing on yourself. Sounds like your making great progress on everything xx

  8. Thank you all for your Tortoise loving comments. They really are appreciated. x