Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year, New Groove

A new year; like a blank sheet of paper, the story yet unwritten. A realm of unknown opportunities and possibilities awaits.  Exciting?  Yes, this year I think so.  I feel positive about this year.  To tell the truth, I’ve been raring to get here since early December.  And here I am at last. Hurrah for January!

Last January I had a visitor.  Forget Jack Frost, Black Frost came my way.  In the dim light of those cold, early days of the year, he was always there, pinching at my happiness, squeezing it out of me, like tears. Everything felt dark; my house, my heart.  I didn’t know how to make it go away.  Eventually, it did - just sort of lifted off with the incoming breath of spring and the real me returned.  The relief was immense. I had never felt like that in my life before, even in  difficult times. I’d always thought I was blessed with a buoyant human spirit, but afterwards, I was not so sure.  All I knew was, I never wanted to feel that way again.

For this reason alone, I am resolute that I will have a good start to 2012. I am determined to make January a stellar month; to blow away last years cobwebs and to feel energised, bright and confident.  So I’m joining up again with Kate on Thin Ice and her Grooving Mums initiative.  This supportive blog hop inspired me a lot in 2011,  I’m hoping it will do the same this year, and that maybe I can give something back by inspiring and supporting others along the way too.  

If I had a crystal ball I wonder what treats I’d see in store for me this year?  I love sitting down with my calendar at the start of the year and writing all the events or things I’ve got to look forward to on each month.  Among the things I’ve recorded on this years fetching photo calendar of my little man are:  a long planned trip away to celebrate a special wedding anniversary, the execution of the Faulty Towers house project, a little bit more ‘me’ time as Pip starts pre-school in September, some tickets to see the Olympics, the opportunity to spend more time with my Dad as he retires.  These are all wonderful things to look forward to, enjoy and appreciate but, finally knowing myself a little better, I know I need more than these peaks to sustain me through the year.  I need stuff to get me through the day to day, and through the lulls to those adrenalin high peaks.  So, I’m setting myself a few goals – Grooving goals –to aim for.  I've decided to set them out as things to start, stop and continue doing.  Only time will tell how I get on (unless of course, you've got a crystal ball, in which case you'll know already...)


Taking my health and wellbeing seriously

I’m going to start taking some proper, regular exercise.  My mission is to find some form of exercise I enjoy and then DO it.  And I’m also going to commit to one walk a week too.
I’m going to take my supplements every day – rather than let them gather dust on mantelpiece and take them occasionally.
I will sort out my problems with bruxism. This IS going to be the year I conquer it.
I’m going to start the Eva Fraser Facial Fitness programme.  (Think natural botox...and free!)

Being more Proactive

I’m going to arrange at least one day or night a month to see my friends.  It’s so easy to just keep in touch by text, email or facebook. It’s not the same as a meeting face to face – a good catch up over a coffee or glass of wine can really replenish a friendship and reinvigorate the soul too.

Saying No

I sometimes think I let certain people take advantage of me slightly. My default answer is always ‘Yes’.  'Yes, I can help'. ‘Yes, you can come and stay’, ‘Yes, I will mind your children’. I like helping others,  I really do, but recently I’ve thought, maybe occasionally I just need to be a little bit more selfish and put myself and my family first.  It won’t hurt me to say no occasionally.

Vamping it up 

I’m going to try and have one day a week where I don’t wear jeans.  This is going to be  quite a difficult challenge for me as I literally live in jeans.  But I’m not over the hill yet, I’ve got a reasonably nice figure, *blushes for complimenting self* and I think I should make a bit more of an effort to show it off.  Life’s too short to always wear jeans.  It’ll be a nice shopping challenge to embrace too.


Procrastinating.   I can be the queen of indecision. I'm going to focus on making decisions in a more timely manner, particularly with regard to the house project.  They might not always be the right decisions, but at least I’ll have made them.

Worrying about things I cannot change.


I’m going to continue with my blog, try and post a little more often if I can, keep joining in with Grooving Mums and maybe try and join in with some other blog hops too.  I’d like to start writing some fiction too.  I’m going to try and formulate a novel plan during the course of the year, so if I do decide to participate in NaNoWriMo in November I’m ready to get out of the starting blocks on day one.

Indulging in the simple pleasures - Eating Cake, drinking full fat Lattes, buying too many fancy notebooks, watching Gossip Girl  with a glass of pinot noir whilst lusting after Chuck Bass...simple pleasures, but I love them!

So that’s what I ‘m doing to get my groove on this year, I ‘d love to hear what you think or how you plan to get into your groove this year - other people's stories inspire me!



  1. I very much improve of your list.

    I had a similar Black Frost last year - but I'm prone to SAD and despite feeling it creeping over me, there's little you can do but wait till the daylight appears again.

    I'm all for indulging the simple pleasures too - it doesn't take much to 'lift' you with the purchase of a pretty book or glass of red.

    Me and my husband have both decided to say no a bit more often as well - we run round after family far more than we should as we are the childless one and therefore should be free to run errands whenever they need *grr argh*, so we are implementing a change there!


  2. Knowing when to say no is the way forward I think!

    Boo to Black Frost. Hurrah for Sunshine. I'm thinking this 2012 is going to be a golden sunshine type of year. x

  3. A really inpirational list,jack frost keeps chasing me too i think getting our grooves back and saying no more will definately melt him.

    I approve of the vitamins they definately helped me last year when i felt bottom of the barrel!

    Im intrigued about the facial you mentioned im off too look that one up sounds great before i do that though must go and do my first ever grooving mums post.

    I dont know if it helps but im doing the 101 in 1001 great if you love lists and planning things to look forward to this may be one for you.
    Take care xxx

  4. Hi Catherine, thanks for reading and commenting. Will pop over to your blog and see what the 101 things is all about, and also read your first grooving mums post!

  5. Lovely of you to link up again as I just feel we would get on well. Your writing is wondeful by the way. Lots in your post resonated but especially the bit about saying no from time to time. I am a natural giver but sometimes feel that leads to me not looking after myself enough.
    I have no crystal ball but if you stick with #groovingmums I think you and I will be on the right track.
    Oh, the challenges can be a pressure to think up but then the universe or my chaotic mind tends to come up with them just in the nick of time.

  6. I love the way you've split your plans into start, stop, continue and feel particularly reminded that I also need to indulge in the simple pleasures too. It's not Gossip Girl for me though :D Although is it the actor that plays Chuck that's really British? I remember reading something the other day and being surprised as I'd thought all the actors were American.

  7. Wow - Fabulous post! Really great list and again, beautifully written. Black Jack Frost has been the bain of my life too. So glad he's going away now - it must make a big difference to you! This was such an uplifting post to read. P.s. I am starting a new blog .... reasons to be revealed soon!X.

  8. A great post, really like your lists of starting, continuing and stoppping. I am with you on the saying 'No', it sometimes feels easier to just say yes. I also agree with indulging in the simple pleasures, something I've forgotten about and always feel guilty if I have chocolate, wine etc.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with it all as the year progresses. X

  9. Lovely inspiring post and beautifully written. I'm a bit guilty of not saying no often enough too. I think this year will be different. Good luck with the writing. From what I've read, getting started is the hardest part! Now I'm off to find out about the Facial Fitness thing. Polly

  10. Hi Polly, thanks for taking the time to comment. Agree with the writing..and although blogging is a form of's also a major distraction too. I think successful writers must be very disciplined - or not easily distracted. *sighs* x

  11. Wow, so many things you want to achieve this year! Well done you. Wishing you all the best on yoru jounrey.

    Mich x

  12. Hello!

    Great post. I really think that text/emails/facebook keep a friendship propped up, rather than nurturing and building one by meeting face to face. I like the thought of being more proactive about it - good idea.

    Oddly enough, I shunned jeans last summer - I saw a photo of myself in them and DEAR LORD it was quite a sight. I have a small frame with little legs, and didn't realise how dumpy they make me look.

    I bought some nice trousers and skirts from local charity shops and haven't looked back. As you say, life's too short for denim, all of the time!

    Good luck for 2012. I look forward to reading about how you're getting on!

  13. First I need to surgically remove jeans...and find something else to wear!

  14. Lovely, inspiring post. Now you've written your goals down it makes them so much easier to achieve. I will join you on the saying 'yes' a little less often and on meeting up regularly with friends.

    But not wearing jeans? Ok, its only one day a week but I'm not ready to go there yet! I bought some jeans that look more like black trousers though, does that count?! Enjoy your shopping challenge.

    Good luck with it and here's to a happy 2012!

  15. Oh yes keep loving the cake! Nicely written post and hope the rest of 2012 is much more lovely without any dark days! x

  16. very inspirational post, I started wearing leggings when pregnant & haven't taken them off since, so comfortable! So I get the jeans thing.
    I've been saying no a lot lately, try it you'll like it, very liberating! Funny thing is I never say no at home, trying not to let my toddler start saying it, so far so good!

  17. oh i hate saying no to people....after years of saying yes all the time, i offered a few no's to people when i went to visit the UK...No I can't come and see you, im on a tight schedule and budget...lie, lie, lie..what i really wanted to say was havent replied to my emails or letters for the past year, sod off im not putting myself out to see you...and returned to south africa feeling mean...still i said no and im learning

  18. There is no doubt that blogging has many perks and the support from other bloggers is a big one. I'm working on linking up more on my blog this year. But in between blogathons, I'm working on being more present in the moment. But especially present with my family. So far so good. I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

  19. Hi Misha. I really like the idea of focusing on being more present in the moment. It's something I could sometimes do with bearing in mind too. Thanks for your comment.