Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Listography - 5 Christmas Singalong Songs

I’ve found myself rather enjoying the listography over at Kate takes 5.  So, this week I’m linking up again.  The theme this week is Christmas sing-along songs.  These are my 5 all –time favourite Christmas jingles.

1. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Katie Melua
This is such a romantic, hopeful, classic Christmas song. Judy Garland is a legend, but these days I think her voice does sound a bit shaky, possibly because the wonders of digital mastery weren’t available way back then. I vote for Katie Melua’s superb rendition instead, still true to the classic version, and every bit as good. 

2. Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin Stevens
Ah, back in the day, I loved a bit of Shaky.  He was the first person I ever saw perform live.  This song always makes me feel Christmassy.

3. All I want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey
I’m not a massive Mariah fan,  but you have to hand it to the woman. She can sing AND, this is an amazingly catchy, festive tune.

4. Last Christmas - Wham 
Swoon…George Michael. As a girl, I was seriously in love with George Michael. I had a Wham poster on my bedroom wall. One of those free ones that you got folded up inside a magazine.   Sadly, I did not realise for many years, that he was likely to be unavailable.   I love this song and I love the video that goes with it too.  The Wham boys are in a ski resort with George sporting wonderfully long floppy hair and looking doe eyed and lost as last year’s lover frolics around with Andrew Ridgely (who only has marginally better hair).  Classic eighties genius.

5. Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses
A little bit of  retro rap to finish off with. Go girls!


  1. Lovely list! The only one I don't know of is Katie Melua but I can look her up. I really like Eva Cassidy's voice and wonder if she ever did any Christmas covers. I really like the Shaky one and the Maria Carey one too, such a catchy tune. Looks like some cheese got into your house too! Polly x

  2. Oh yes! That Wham classic, and like you I thought George was straighter than a Roman Road .... everyone fancied Andrew Ridgley but I was a George girl. Disappointed. Shaky .... God bless him ... what's he doing now ????

  3. Just wanted to add that since reading this I've purchased the Michael Buble Christmas CD and I love it. His Ave Maria bought me out in goosebumps. Px

  4. We've got one of the older ones and have been dancing to it in the bedroom whilst I get dressed. (Me and the boy that is...). Agree, he is fab.