Thursday, 17 November 2011

Listography - Top 5 Random Likes....

This post is a link up to the Listography meme at Kate takes 5.  The challenge this week is to list 5 ‘random’ likes.  Are they ‘random’? You decide….

Writing in Purple Ink
I like to write in purple ink. My favourite pen is a purple rollerball. I like the way a page of purple writing looks in my notebook. It’s not as harsh as a page of black or blue scrawl.  I find writing in purple is calming.  I thought I was alone in my love of purple ink but it appears not.  I recently discovered that two other people I know also have a predilection for writing with a purple pen. So maybe I’m not as random as I thought! 

I am rather partial to a can of Green Giant niblets.  I’d quite happily sit and eat a whole can of sweetcorn. It has to be Green Giant original though, none of this no added salt rubbish, in my view, the added salt makes the sweetcorn taste even better. 

All Saints Clothing Stores Window Displays
I love the vintage sewing machine displays in All Saints stores, it’s pure retail genius. (Not to mention a great way to reuse old sewing machines.)  I’d love to know where they sourced all the sewing machines from, whether it was a job lot, or in individual lots, and the stories behind each of them. I read once that the All Saints company own the world’s largest collection of Singer sewing machines, approximately 10,000. That’s ALOT of sewing machines.
Art : Female Nudes
I like to have lots of art on the walls, and I especially like pictures featuring the beauty of the female form. Yes, I'm talking about nudes.  I got a bit obsessive about it for a while, so  my husband put a ban on any more pictures of this type entering the house. I think when Little Pip gets older they’ll be consigned to upstairs. I don’t want the embarrassment of sniggering schoolboy friends asking him; ‘Is that a picture of your Mum?’ (and then trying to ascertain the answer by comparing the size of wobbly bits drawn in charcoal with those of the mum in the kitchen.)
I have a fascination with Cathedrals.  I can’t visit anywhere in this country or abroad without diving into the nearest one to have a look around, if it’s there, I want to visit it.  Cathedrals are such amazing buildings in terms of size, scale and sheer workmanship. I also loved reading The Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follet, an intriguing 1000 page blockbuster about the building of a medieval Cathedral and the interwoven lives of those connected with it.  It’s one of my favourite ever books. 


  1. Intesting set of facts you've chosen. I'm with you on Cathedrals, I go in to light a candle but I love the beauty and scale of them. Just standing there looking around gives me shivers and I like to touch the wall and wonder who else might have stood there hundreds of years ago. I'll get that book from the library. Can't stand sweetcorn though. I can eat it fresh, just, but those niblets, no. I'll try writing with purple pen (blue is my colour of choice usually, black is way too harsh). Thanks! Polly x

  2. A great list. I love that you write in purple. I am a big fan of coloured pens :-)

  3. Now that was an interesting list. Now you have inspired me with the coloured ink thing. I've been thinking of starting a writing ideas and grooving mum notebook and want a nice coloured pen to match my thoughts - purple is a great colour. I love sweetcorn too especially in tuna, mayo pasta salad. Love your observation about the All Saints sewing machines - its so true! And that is ALOT of sewing machines!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, looks like we have a lot in common blog-wise! I totally agree about All Saints, I like to think they employ someone whose only job is to source the machines.

    Have you tried Sarum by Bernard Cornwell? V. similar to Pillars of the Earth, I love all his books, but Sarum includes large sections about building Salisbury Cathedral.

  5. I used to know a lad who always wrote in green ink and I thought it made him very special (along with many other reasons). Purple is a better colour though. Yes to nudes and catherdrals too

  6. Hi London Mama, thanks for popping back over. The Bernard Cornwell tip sounds a good one. Will look up Sarum. Thx