Friday, 7 October 2011

My Pet Peeve....

I’ve just discovered the brilliant Brit Mums Blog Prompts, which inspired me to write this.  The personal prompt this week is about ‘Pet Peeves.’  This is mine!

You. Yes, YOU; on the train to Waterloo,
I know EXACTLY what you’re about to do.
There you go, opening up your brown paper bag,
Ooooh, now I’m feeling slightly mad.
Unwrapping paper, you lift the burger to your chin,
Oh, whoops! Watch out!  There’s a falling gherkin.
Won’t that be nice for someone later on,
They’ll find themselves sat on it after you’ve gone.

You. Yes, YOU; the girl with curly hair,
Munching through your cake with a vacant stare.
Look. Look. LOOK. At the crumbs everywhere,
I’m getting rather irritated that you don’t seem to care.
Oh, that’s considerate, brushing down your dress,
I’m sure the next passenger will enjoy sitting in your mess.

You. Yes, YOU;  the schoolboy with the pack of Quavers.
Have some consideration for your Tube neighbours.
Here we go, through the tunnel in a rush,
Your left over packet soaring upwards in a gush.
Now look what’s happened to the girl with Afro hair,
It's filled with Quaver dust, like sawdust sprinkled there.
Then, a hostile look at ME and an irritated pout,
‘Did you leave that there?’ she starts to shout.

I’m just shrinking backwards, further into my seat,
Wishing there was somewhere else, that I could retreat.
I look at my deli bag, it’s contents still within,
When I think about my sandwich, saliva runs down my chin.
But I won’t open up my bag, I won’t take a bite,
Even though I’m feeling weak, and rosemary bread is what I’d like.

For goodness sake, people of London Town,
Put your food away, I don’t want to watch you noshing down.
Eat your kebab on the street, or your chips in the shop,
But don’t bring it with you. Stop. Stop. STOP.
It’s not good manners, in fact, I think it’s really rather rude,
Ladies and Gentlemen, PLEASE. NO EATING ON THE TUBE.


  1. Very accurate portrayal of one of the many joys of commuting in London! Love the verse, different approach to the prompt.

  2. Indeed, the joys of commuting! Thanks for reading.

  3. Ah yes public eating - That happens to be my pet peeve for in the cinema! ARGH!

  4. What a great poem! The Tube !!!!!! tell me about it! But I have to admit to sprinkling a few crumbs myself - I was hungreeee.

  5. Lol. I have to confess that I DID eat on the tube. With pregnancy sickness, when you've gotta eat, you've gotta eat! But I ate with a corner of the sandwich peeping out of the food packet, ducking slightly into the shopping bag it came in, so hopefully I didn't leave food everywhere!

  6. Yes, I agree, exceptions can be made for pregnant women...and small children who may otherwise scream the carriage down (they too are allowed to munch just to keep the peace!)

  7. Brilliant! I have a real thing about people eating around me, so this is very apt! Brilliantly written and very clever!

  8. Brilliant! I can almost hear the annoyance in your "voice" heehee, brilliantly written Xx

  9. Thank you for taking the time to read and for your lovely comments.

  10. I have to admit that I usually end up having to grab a snack whilst on a train - my favourite is egg mayonnaise - I think I may well be your worst travelling nightmare!!!

  11. Mammasaurus - I think I'd have to sit you on the naughty platform if you came anywhere near the tube with an egg sandwich!