Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mummy needs a new uniform - or a stylist!

When I was a working girl about town, I liked to think that I had a bit of va va voom about me.  I loved putting together outfits to wear for work, accessorising with some funky costume jewellery and getting dressed up to go out. Fast forward two years, and I feel like I have slightly lost my sense of style.  Ok, I’m not one of those mothers you see on Gok Wan, who lives in a slouchy T-shirt and sloppy grey tracksuit bottoms, but, I’m not quite as stylish as I used to be either.

I was chatting to a fellow mum the other day about the ‘Mummy uniform’.   Mine is probably no different to most Mum’s in that it consists of jeans and trainers, a variety of assorted t-shirt style tops (with lots of saggy necklines - courtesy of 'Little Pip the boobhunter') and a couple of old cardigans. This could all work well enough, but nothing seems to fit together ‘capsule wardrobe style’, quite as it should.  Plus, it seems I am in danger of being caught in a time warp.  Bootcut jeans - I still love them, but according to my trendy mum friend these are now a ‘fashion sin.’ Oh. What’s a girl supposed to do?

Today, with a day of childcare, and determined to make myself feel a bit more yummy for autumn, I set off to kit myself out with a new uniform, but for reasons, I cannot fathom, nothing seemed quite right.  Yes, nothing. On the whole of  Oxford Street, London.  I am a tricky customer to please. 

One hour into the trip, ‘I’ll just get a coffee’. Two and a half hours in, ‘Hmmm maybe some lunch.’  Then I came home, after buying a kingsize flat sheet for the bed.   Ooooh - how life has changed.



  1. Aw... I'm sorry you didn't get anything at the shops. We were on Oxford Street at the weekend which normally means lots of new clothes - but instead I returned with lots of things sized '12 - 18 months'... funny how things change!
    I too love my boot cut jeans, but I've succumbed to a pair of skinnys and have to admit they are starting to grow on me - it's taking time though!

  2. Yes, have got the skinnys too - but only seem to wear them when seeing trendy mum friend, otherwise get told off! It's my feet that are the problem, feel like the big size 7's are amplified to look clown like. Of course...yes, 'flats' really help with that too. Not!

  3. Giggle. At least it's not just me ;)