Monday, 26 September 2011

The Holiday at Home

Last week we were on Staycation.  Originally, we had planned to be in Portugal, but the recent realisation that the Faulty Towers project is likely to cost an arm, leg and a torso made us think again.   The choice: a sunny week in Portugal or bathroom sanitary ware? Ooooh, I’d have been in the Algarve quicker than you could say ‘bikini wax,’ given half a chance, but longer term, somewhere for our ablutions is a basic necessity, so common sense prevailed.

As Staycations go, we had a rather lovely time.  Just the 3 of us, merrily exploring the metropolis.  We had some super days out with Little Pip; to London Zoo, the Peter Pan playground at Hyde Park, the Science Museum, - the basement garden is fabulous for toddlers.  Oh, and Kew Gardens.  Have I mentioned before that we go there?  Every week.  These frequent visits are bankrolled by a grandparent gifted annual subscription.  Ditto our London Zoo visits.  This is so worth doing if you are going to visit these places regularly, it saves a bucket, and there is always something new or different to see and do.

For once, Big Daddy and I managed to spend some time alone together and made use of the childcare days we had available (albeit with slight pangs of guilt.) We had a lovely lunch together by the river, dusted off the walking boots, and took a walk in the Surrey downs, getting hideously lost, but that’s what happens when you forget the map.  We even managed a night out in central London. We had fun.  I think it was possibly the most time we have spent together alone since LP was born – 2 years ago!  Anyway, it seems we still like each other. Phew.

The only blight of the whole week was the sleep deprivation that plagued us courtesy of 3am wake up calls every night from LP.  ‘What?' I thought, as we were rudely awakened again on night 2.  'We’re supposed to be on holiday,  why this week of all weeks do we have to feel like the living dead?’ A combination of bad dreams and some huge, monstrous teeth emerging meant some long, tearful nights, and consequently that we all spent parts of our week positively zombie like.  Thank god for coffee…and wine…and calpol. 

There was one other niggling thing.  I really rather missed my blog.  No-one knows about my blog. Not family, or friends.  Only my readers know it exists. I’ve rather enjoyed having it just for me, but the flip side to this is that you can only really blog in private, which I couldn’t do this week.  At times, I did feel an itch for it.   So, I took the time out to reflect on whether I should reveal my blog to my family.  There’s nothing in it that would upset them but for some reason I still feel reluctant.  Right now, it’s a case of jury still out, and I’m still a secret mummy blogger.  There is however, one advantage to the current situation. It means blogging can’t cut into family time, which given blogging seems to be quite addictive, might be a good thing.


  1. Sounds like a fab staycation - not so sure I would get on with other half quite so well after a week at home!
    From one secret blogger to another (I still haven't revealed either)letting you know I have tagged you in my latest post - Versatile Blogger - hope you don't mind!

  2. Thanks for the tag..I think. Slightly worried about the 15 blogs to tag!

  3. Ooh sounds like you had a fab time and so glad you and Daddy Plum still like each other! I'm on holiday next week and have been debating whether or not it would be a good time to share my blogging secret with my husband... Just not sure!