Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Getting my Groove Back : Grooving Resolution No 1.

Today, I’m joining in with the blog hop at Kate on Thin Ice.  It’s all about taking some steps to get your groove back and rediscovering the woman you used to be before motherhood. You can read more about it here.

A Big Night Out

Since LP was born, nights out have not been that plentiful.  Until he was twenty months, we rarely went out at all.  His inability to settle, go to sleep, and stay asleep at night, was well,…a nightmare.  At breaking point, we sought the help of a sleep specialist earlier this year.  Post the (fairly) successful implementation of the sleep programme, we have managed to get the odd night out, yet mostly this has been a quick meal at the gastro pub round the corner, with us returning home by 9.30pm.

Last week I decided that we would have a proper night out together.  Big D does get out into town with work, or friends, reasonably frequently, but it is rare for me to leave Plumpton on Thames.  So, we set ourselves some goals.  Go somewhere central (not Plumpton), somewhere buzzing, (not a demure, grown up restaurant), somewhere ‘a bit different.’  I pledged to myself, that I would also make an effort, don some war paint, some heels, and brush my hair.  The big night was upon us before I knew it.  I confess, part of me wished we were just going to the gastropub round the corner.  I was tired, it had been a busy, hectic day.  It would have been so easy to cancel.  But instead, I had a stern word with myself, rescued some 3 inch heels from the back of the wardrobe, found the one lipstick I own, and off we hurtled on the tube into town.

Venue: Circus in Covent Garden.  Dark inside, it was reminiscent of a scene from the Kit Kat Club. There was even a man parading around in a top hat and breeches.  The music was pumping.  Within moments I could hear myself grumping; ‘I can’t hear you darling. The music is TOO LOUD’.  Had to check myself again; do NOT be such an old fogie.

Cocktails. The Bellini’s seemed to help make the volume of the music quite acceptable.  Dim Sum. Followed by a yummy chicken curry with lychee, steamed rice and asian greens with garlic and ginger.   Then came the cabaret.  Over the course of the evening we saw an array of tantalising acts.  A rather saucy burlesque girl who did a strip tease down to her suspenders and spinning nipple tassles, a gorgeous acrobatic man who swung from a hoop on the ceiling in all manner of gravity defying positions. A female dancing cat emerged from a dustbin to the overture of the Pink Panther, a hula hooping woman, gyrated more hoops on her body than in a packet of the same snacks; and a fire eating, breathing lady brought proceedings to a close.

I did not want to go home. I’d let the atmosphere, the music, and the fun of it all envelop me.  As I walked back towards our table from the rather decadent loos, I wanted to step up onto the stage myself.  (Always a sign that maybe Mummy has had a bit too much to drink.)  Ten years ago I probably would have done just that (regretting it bitterly the next day.)  Which got me thinking, that maybe I am actually quite thankful that my groove has mellowed somewhat.  It seemed all to soon that the clock struck midnight.  It was time to get home to the babysitter before I turned into a pumpkin.  It was a fabulous night.  I felt alive.  Grooving resolution no 1: Get out of Plumpton more often.

Kate also posed a couple of ‘Groove Questions’ this week:

1)A song that would be good to help you get your groove back: 
a)The aptly entitled, ‘Groove is in the Heart’, by Dee Lite.  A bit of 90’s cheese always gets me going.

2)What can you do to make your body feel better this week?
a)Some exercise.  Since I gave up my gym membership, buggy pushing is the only form of exercise I do.  I am plagued with insomnia, (anything to do with having a sleepless child I wonder?) so have been advised to try Hatha Yoga, as a workout for the mind and body.  This week I am going to try and find a class.


  1. Thanks for joining in. I was hoping you would. Yes, I too need to start the exercise thing this week. Don't know that song so going to find it and listen to it.
    Your night sounds wonderful. I love all things burlesque. It seems to have made you very upbeat which is what this grooving journey is all about. See you next week for another exciting episode ...

  2. Yes, looking forward to tuning into Groove FM next Tuesday!

  3. What a fab night out that sounds... I'm off on a charity night this weekend with hubby & I'm really looking forward to getting dressed up & enjoying some adult company. My mum always swore by the mantra 'look good, feel good' and I do always feel much better about myself with a bit of lipgloss & mascara on compared to when I'm in my slobby gear! Buggy pushing is a great form of exercise. Yoga sounds like a plan. I'm starting a Pilates class next week. Bit nervous, but I'm sure it will be fine once I'm there.

  4. Completely agree with your mum's mantra! Good luck with the Pilates. I think some of the Pilates moves are so inward and subtle, that even if you are doing it wrong, noone will notice!

  5. Love the sound of your night out! I would have loved that too, couldn't get more different from the norm. Love your choice of song, too. Good luck with the yoga classes.

  6. The next time you go on a night out, can we all come? It sounds amazing!

    It's funny isn't it, when you know you're going out, and you're just too tired to pluck up enthusiasm at the start.

    Glad to hear it had such a good outcome!

  7. Your night out sounds absolutely fab, I would be feeling good too if I had had such a good night x

  8. Caught Writing, Mammasaver and Rambling Pages. Thanks so much for your comments.

  9. Glad you had a great night out! My OH has been wanting to take me out for an evening, but I don't want to leave the baby so I keep making excuses. Maybe when she's a bit older.