Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Gallery - Shoes

This is my first post for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers

These are the shoes of the woman I once was.  A woman who loved getting dressed up for a good night out with friends, a woman who did not live in fear of a hangover the morning after, a woman who knew she wouldn't be getting a 5.30am wake up call!   These shoes were a present from my husband.  I love them very much. The leather is very soft, they feel like a comfy pair of slippers on my feet, and watching the little diamantes sparkle as I walk makes me feel like a film star.  They are my Margot from The Good Life shoes - if I choose to doll myself up to the nines and prance around the house in them, I can.  Except, I don’t, very often. At a guess, the last time may have been 3 years ago.

These days it’s Birkenstocks or my ‘fashion trainers’.  I have a wardrobe full of heels I never wear anymore.  But none quite these - my special shoes.  Now I’m off to put the tissue back inside them, and put them back in their box in the wardrobe. But… I have now made a resolution that I will find an occasion to wear them within the next month, and make an effort to find a little bit of the old glamorous me!


  1. Beautiful shoes!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time the next time you were your lovely shoes :)

  3. Lovely and look comfy too.
    Find a reason to wear them soon

  4. Definitely find a reason to wear them - they're beautiful!

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments. Has made me even more determined to find an ocassion to wear them soon!