Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Potty training in one week

Patience. Not one of my strong points.  Potty training in one week? Yes please! Armed with my copy of Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care, I thought I would give it a go. Little Pip had been showing some signs of readiness and it seemed like the right time.

A brief synopsis of Ms Frost’s advice: the key rule seems to be; decide you’re going to go for it, and then go for it. You’ve then passed the point of no return.  Equip yourself with a lot of spare pants, a home potty and travel potty.  Do not allow nappies for day trips out or car journeys, put aside a week to give it your entire focus and be ready with LOTS of praise. 

Here’s how we got on:

Day 1.  I confess, she of little stickability… I almost gave up on the first day. It seemed to coincide with Little Pip having a bad day. (Which then meant Mummy had a bad day too.) It was one of those, I’m going to bash and smash everything, generally be on a short fuse and not play nicely days.  There were some limited successes, but 2 rather big poos and a wee, all in the pants.  The first pair of poo pants I had to throw away, they were too messy to deal with.  Seriously started to question whether I had misjudged his readiness in a fit of blinkered mother love.

Day 2. There was a good start to the day with both a poo and regular wees on the potty.  In the afternoon, we ventured to the park at the end of the road.  He promptly hid in the bushes where I could not get to him.  ‘Are you doing a poo?’ I asked suspiciously, trying to crawl over to him.  He grinned back at me, hiding in the dingy bush for about 3 minutes, and then duly announced from the safety of his den; ‘I’ve done a poo.’ A successful first outing. Not. When we got home later, Little Pip watched the post-poo clothes clean up.

LP:‘What you doing Mummy?’

Me: (trying not to grimace) ‘Mummy is trying to get this poo out of your pants. It’s not a very nice job. It’s much better to do poos on the potty’

LP, frowning:  ‘Mummy. We DON’T touch poo’

Ahhh, thought I, at least he’s grasped that part of it then.

Days 3 and 4.  The weekend.  Grandma, Grandpa and Big Daddy were all around.  Little Pip is a big show off and loves an audience.  He was very happy to perform on Mr Frog for lots of applause.  Had to explain to Big Daddy that we don’t necessarily believe him when he says ‘No, I don’t need potty’. Best to check by sitting him on it, that way he is likely to have minimal accidents. 

Day 5. A bit of a dilemma, because Grandma was still with us, and we had a long term plan to go to the London Transport Museum.  With no accidents over the weekend I was feeling buoyed up, yet, with no success to date with the travel potty I was reluctant to venture forth into town. However, a bag full of pants and spare clothes later, off we went.  After leaving the house, Little Pip steadfastly refused to pee all day whilst we were out.  From 9.45 until 3.00pm he did not do a wee, despite numerous trips to the toilet and a huge glass of milk at lunchtime.  I wondered if he was holding on, in some amazing feat of bladder control, or if it was an issue with him not liking the very small travel potty.  I was convinced there would be an accident, but it did not happen.  When we finally arrived home 5 hours later, Mr Frog was christened with the biggest wee I had ever seen.  So big, in fact, I felt compelled to measure it. Half a pint of wee! What a mighty bladder my boy must have.

Days 6 and 7.  Little Pip was going to nursery on these days. I was a little concerned about whether he would get the constant prompts that I had been giving him and if he would be ok with using a different potty in a different environment.   Save for one small accident after his sleep on Day 6, he was dry.

Days 8 & 9.  This weekend we had decided to go camping.  I was wondering whether this would be a good idea.  (Especially as the travel potty remained unchristened). In the end Mr Frog came with us.  Little Pip did really well all weekend, and finally even managed a wee in the travel potty too.   On our way home in the car on Sunday I heard the words, ‘I done a poo’.  Fear crept through me.  Surely not, in the carseat? A quick bit of translation determined that he hadn’t actually done a poo yet, but it was imminent.  3 minutes from home, he managed to control the urge just long enough for us to whisk Mr Frog back in through the front door and for him to deliver us a welcome home present. Everyone relax…

I’m not sure what Supernanny would think of our week,  we’d probably get the feedback that  tried to pack a little too much in. We’re not 100% there yet, but I’m pretty pleased with the progress we’ve made.  Well done LP.  Mummy is SO proud of you xxx


  1. This blog has giving me hope, I had the worse first day ever. Being pregnant and hormonal didn't help. So far today its floor/pants 1 potty 1, so happy just to have one in the potty.

  2. your blog made me giggle as i was feeling your anxiety lol as i so want to do what you have tried out but it scares me senseless, hahhahah a very big well done to you and i think im going to bite the bullet and do it, thankyou for your blog x x ps is the book you mentioned good as was thinking about buying it